3DBIZ: the Team

           3D BIZ is a group of highly skilled entrepreneurs whose creativity and expertise is paving the road for those companies interested in landing in the USA market. Also, with locations in Las Vegas, Paris and Santiago, 3DBIZ is capable of setting you up in North America, Europe and South America.  

Tramadol 200Mg Online Vision

           “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Ford

           We strive to create a new company model where all our employees get to leverage their skills raising  themselves with each other while enjoying their job and being bold in everything they do, and sharing customers and projects, as well as their portion of the pie.

           We strongly believe with our business model we have achieved grounds of fairness by which our professionals and clients can build together relationships that will lead to land in new markets, helping our clients and their customers have a bridge leading to their success.

source Mission

           To be a bridge between companies and markets; helping our clients to land and grow their businesses in the right market at the right time by leveraging powerful business development, marketing, public relations, and sales strategies.


David Van Laecke has spent several decades in a variety of roles, each one presenting new learning opportunities and subsequently transforming him into a well-rounded professional. After leaving school and teaching in the University, Mr. Van Laecke joined the French Army and became a Captain. During 8 years he used his natural authority to develop management skills and financial responsibility, coming to manage 250 people and 40 Million Euros at once. When he was 30 years old, he decided to create an IT Company: hardware, network and account software. It was a success 3 years after with 2 millions € of revenues and 18 employees. It was then that he discovered a passion for creating businesses. He continued with the creation of a real estate company, a second IT company, a security company and a financial Holding. In 2015 he decided to put his skills at the service of other companies to develop their business: Optimum Energy in Europe and USA, Dagoma in USA, and Didaxio to give financial solutions to people. Now he aims to use his expertise he gained from his experiences to assist other companies achieving rapid and sustainable business growth.


Luis Angulo is an accomplished bilingual entrepreneurial minded professional, with proven ability to develop and implement customer oriented, creative marketing and sales techniques that support business goals. He also served as a technical sales engineer and VP communications at a well known 3D printer manufacturer in France, start-up in California, as well as developing his own photography company in Las Vegas. He was part of the team leading key initiatives that within 3 years helped to bring to the top the #1 tour company in Las Vegas. By driving and challenging himself, he managed to increase his own income by 200% over the course of only one year. Now, Luis wants to place all his professional and interpersonal skills, as well as creativity, at the service of other companies to achieve their goals.